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blocked drains portsmouth

Blocked Drains Portsmouth

How Do You Unblock a Drain?

How to Unblock a drain by Portsmouth Plumbers.

We have all experienced a blocked drain at some point in our lives. If you flush your chain and you notice the water draining very slowly and the water level is a lot higher than usual. Then your drain is starting to get blocked.

It’s quite rare to have a complete blockage, if that was case then your bathroom would flood as soon as you pulled the chain. Usually you will start to see the signs of a blockage by noticing slower drainage and higher water levels.

It really is case that the longer you leave it, the worse it will get. So follow this simple guide to unblock your drain and you may not even need to pay out for a plumber!

  1. Find a suitable long handled plunger. You may know someone who has a set of these but if not a flexible mop handle will do the job. A standard plunger would also work in this instance as well
  2. Flush the chain and with the mop or plunger, plunge up and down as the toilet is flushing
  3. After the system has had a chance to refill itself give the toilet another flush, you may well have sorted the problem right away doing this simple task.
  4. If the toilet bowl is still filling very high with water you still have a problem and the basic plunging hasn’t worked. If you gave it a good go the first time there is no need to try again you would simply be wasting your time. Don’t worry though its not time to call the plumber yet!
  5. Next you need to go outside and locate the manhole cover to the outside part of your drainage system. It will be close to your property outside so shouldn’t take too long to find
  6. When you pull up the manhole cover you may notice that it is full of water, that’s when you know for sure you have a problem. Now you will need some proper drain rods, this can be bought from local hardware stores and should be relatively cheap to buy. They can also be bought on Amazon. (Cheaper than a call out charge anyway!)
  7. Make sure the rods are screwed together very tightly, you do not want them separating while you are sticking them into the water. Fix the plunger section to the end of the rod and you are ready to go.
  8. A the bottom of your manhole drain either side will have the entrance to the underground piping. You will not be able to see them because your drain will be full of stinky brown water so it’s a case of pushing the plunger rod into the water and having a feel at the bottom on each side to locate the pipe.
  9. The idea is you need to be plunging the actual pipe work so when you feel the rod pushing through you are there. Now pull and push the rod so that the plunger is plunging, you need to try and get that suction process which will cause the water to bubble and move about. If the water is not moving at all then you are probably not causing enough disturbance in the pipes to unblock it.
  10. After some frantic plunging stop for a while and see if the water starts going down. Hopefully you should feel it go and start to see the water rapidly draining out of the manhole and you have done it! Problem solved!

If after following these instructions you haven’t been able to clear your drain then you will need to call in the experts.

We can quickly and affordably sort out your blocked drains. Portsmouth has a fairly good drainage system on the whole but it will still happen from time to time and we would be happy to come out and do all this messy work for you. So if you don’t want the dirty job of doing it yourself and you want it done quickly then we have a team of plumbers who will come and sort it as quick as possible!

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