Portsmouth Plumbers Teach Residents How to Install a Bathroom


As a homeowner, giving your home a facelift is one of the rewarding things to do. A bathroom addition is just one of the many home projects you can engage yourself into when it comes to remodeling. Perhaps, your family is getting bigger, or you just want an added bathroom within your bedroom so it will be a great convenience. Whatever your reason for adding a washroom, Plumbers Portsmouth announces its readiness to provide assistance.

A bathroom addition is a costly process, if you may wonder. Yet, when it’s done, it will virtually add value to your property. It’s rewarding to look forward to the end-product, but you still need to pass through certain processes before your dreams pay off. Either remodeling or new installation, you need careful planning that begins from scratch.

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Helpful tips in bathroom makeover

Residents in Portsmouth can install their bathroom project on their own by following the tips provided by the plumbers in your area. Plumbers Portsmouth recently released this information that will guide you through if you wish to do the renovation by your own. These tips on planning, replacing, repair, remodeling, and other pipe-involvement steps should keep you going.

Locating your space

Once you spotted the desired area for the bathroom, you will think next how much space you need against how much is available. Having that space doesn’t end there; it may be easier to think of that space without considering the footprint of your house. One thing to thank for is that a bathroom can do with a little space available, about six by three feet unless you want to add a shower and a full bathtub. Space issues may either cost you more in terms of bathroom materials and renovation ventures by restructuring the pipes. The latter is a more complicated job. So, it is suggested to locate your bathroom where it is easy to attach to piping systems. An architectural sketch or draft will help you detect any potential space.

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Understanding your home’s electrical and piping system

On installing bathrooms which involved adding fixtures, such as faucets, showers, sinks, toilet, and valves, water supply is not the only thing that will run the system. Electricity also plays a significant role in providing energy for the hot and cold water, the lights and electrical sockets, the insulation of the bathroom flooring, and the septic system. Check carefully how the plumbing and electrical systems are built within your home and understand their routing mechanism before you implement the layout. If this is done correctly by reconciling the two networks, compromising the walls and some essential foundations that are attached to the bathroom site can be avoided.


Major steps in bathroom installation

When you start carving your floor for your new bathroom project, do the following before you get messed up.

  • Ensure that the main water valve is turned off.
  • Know where the water line runs until it reaches your new bathroom site.
  • Understand your home’s drainage system. The pipe where the water runs is different where the water drains.
  • Call your plumbing contractor for the preciseness of your plan.

Plumbers Portsmouth owner Donald Ross understands the philosophy behind owning a property. All you want is the best for your home. In this regard, he encourages homeowners dedicated to their dreams. Equipping yourself with essential information will correctly guide you to whatever you wish to do with your home, especially when these guidelines will come only from the experts in the field.

Hiring a contractor is only a part of the plan, as he plays a vital role in the technical aspect of the job. Your informed decision will still pay off in the end.